by Rain Shatter

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released June 28, 2012



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Rain Shatter Guadalajara, Mexico

Is a Melodic Death Metal band from Mexico, created in april of 2009.
The 5 years old, Rain Shatter had recorded a Demo (2010) and the first official album Reborn (2012).
The band was part of two international events like "Hell & Heaven fest" (Mexico 2011,2013) and "Wacken Open Air" (Germany 2012).

In 2014 Rain Shatter has an European tour supporting Six Feet Under
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Track Name: Endless
Shiny colorful smoke making shapes
Everything glides while I’m relaxed
Inside my loneliness I could watch
Light transform into deep dark

Deviant illusions and tempting thoughts
I lit my candle and began to run
Suddenly the rain was raping the ground

Outside, the darkness and the storm
Won’t forgive you
I am inside, I’m not alone nor accompanied
It is with me

That’s inside, next to me
Run with the candle
In my hands, go up the stairs
Take the fire from wall to wall

Inside my loneliness I did behold
Such a brilliant light turn into dark
Rain waits outside raping the ground

Outside the darkness will seduce your soul
I am not secure although I’m alone
Forever trapped in this endless trip.
Track Name: Reminiscence
I know I left, but I’m back
Can’t you see?
I am standing right here
Next to you, I’m alive
I can breathe

The curse was in my food
And I didn’t have a clue
They set us in that hole
Gasoline and a match

Wasn’t fair, he just died
Shouldn’t have been
Wasn’t time, you will see
I’ll make you bleed

Right with the dirt
You will sleep cold

I had this dream and I’m freezing
It made my veins run cold
Now he stands next to me
Like he had never left

I’m having visions
Demons around me
the demons surround me
I’m not going crazy
I know I’m not hallucinating

Choke you, break you, tear you apart

I watched them die
Destroyed their lives
But I’m alive
I did come back

I have come to accept
that I didn’t watch the dawn
I’m as cold as I can be
Peace is now in myself.
Track Name: Undelivered Letters
Undelivered Letters
She held the pen
Slashed her wrist
Black ink relieved
The pain the cry

Bleeding words
Papers Flooded Again
Once more

Black weeps again
Stained yellow space
You must behold my undelivered letters
Written with pain, written with fear and hatred

She wrote to shut
Black words within herself
To apprehend the agony

Black rain filled
the yellow spaces
Open spaces
Flooded fields

Pull me under
Take her lower
Drag me under than this

The inditement of a cry
You cannot justify
Try to comprehend
That you failed

I’ve tried to look behind your eyes
To understand what’s on your mind
Reasons… Letters
Track Name: Some of Us
Some of Us

I’m waiting in the dark
Here wasting all my time

Waiting for you to come here
Stay and join my pain
I have learned, I have grown
Now I’ve found the truth

Adrenaline pumping through my veins
Blood’s scent fills the air

All this time I wasted waiting for something
That is not real, that doesn’t exist
Now I understand, I have learned
Now I understand, now I’ve found the truth

Some of us were meant to be alone
And you were not supposed to follow me

You enjoy all that killing

Waiting blind
False hopes come out from my throat
Waiting, searching peace
I won’t waste my energy waiting
I won’t waste my life on this